What should I do with my duplicated postage stamps?

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You can also read on to hear about a recent stamp collectors question to Gustamps.
Gustamps are often asked questions about duplicates. Often new collectors get in touch with Gustamps for advice about what to do with their duplicate stamps. Gustamps explain that instead of being a problem, duplicates can become a source of enjoyment. Gustamps recommend joining a local stamp club. It is there Gustamps say you will find fellow collectors who also have duplicate stamps which they are pleased to swap or exchange for your duplicates. Gustamps say this is a great way of enlarging your stamp collection at zero cost as well as meeting new friends who share your hobby.

Don’t forget you can call into Gustamps shop in Brighton and have your stamps valued expertly and professionally – completely free of charge.


1 thought on “What should I do with my duplicated postage stamps?

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for your advice today 15 November 2015 and your kind gift to my children. Highly recommend a trip to the shop.

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