Gustamps reason for Mum’s stamp covers

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You can also read on to hear about a recent stamp collectors question to Gustamps.

Gustamps was posed an unusual question by Ella Newman. Ella told Gustamps she had discovered a box of old envelopes which had belonged to her mother. Gustamps heard the envelopes had been posted by Ella’s Mum during 1962. All the envelopes had different addresses and had been sent back to her. Ella told Gustamps they were all posted in America. Ella asked Gustamps if there could be any logical explanation for the batch of stamped envelopes none of which had any letters inside which could help to explain the mystery.

Gustamps asked Ella if she knew if her mother had been  fan of Elvis Presley. The answer Gustamps received back from Ella was yes. The only reason Gustamps could think of was that Ella’s mother who was a fan of Elvis had posted letters to the wrong address and had the U.S.A. Post Office send them back to her. Gustamps explained that the U.S.A. Post Office would stamp the envelopes with a ‘Return to sender – address unknown’ official Post Office cachet. Gustamps said these types of envelopes were collectable by stamp collectors and Elvis fans after Elvis Presley recorded the hit song ‘Return To Sender – Address Unknown’ during the Spring of 1962.

Thanks from Gustamps to Mrs Ella Newman for the interesting question  to Gustamps and letting Gustamps publish it together with Gustamps reply.


12 thoughts on “Gustamps reason for Mum’s stamp covers

  1. Jeff Coates

    I’m interested in European history and would like to start collecting stamps relating to the Axis powers of World War 2. I’m on a limited budget so could you advise which countries are available at reasonable prices and what might be interesting pieces to look out for?

  2. jesspallone

    Found some gems (fish and old football stamps) with a lovely customer service! Their postage stamps are also much better price (45p) than the usual price (67p) at post offices, that’s definitely a bargain if you ask me!

  3. Matt

    Gustamps is an absolute gem of a shop and Gus himself is very knowledgeable and friendly. If you need stamps – old our new – this is the place in Brighton to go. Matt (Brighton)

  4. enquiries348 Post author

    Hi Jeff,
    The countries to look for are Germany, Croatia and Bohemia & Moravia. It’s an interesting area to collect and the stamps are priced reasonably – look into Gustamps shop in Brighton, we often have the type of stamps you are looking for. Gustamps.

  5. Anonymous

    Excellent shop full of everything stamp related. Gus is great and easy to deal with and with 1st class stamps @ 45p what more do you need.

  6. Annabel Kelly

    I found the stamp shop by accident when I was in Brighton recently. The person was very helpful considering that I know nothing about stamps, I was there to buy stamps as a present to take back to Italy..

  7. enquiries348 Post author

    Hi Annabel, we are pleased you enjoyed your visit to Gustamps and look forward to seeing you back at Gustamps sometime in the future. Best wishes Gustamps.

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