Are my Nepal stamps local issues?

Bruce contacted Gustamps with a question about his Nepal stamps. Bruce told Gustamps he collected the stamps of Nepal dating back to the first issues of 1881. Gustamps heard that a friend told Bruce that his stamps were not proper international issues but only locals, Bruce’s question to Gustamps was,”is it true my Nepal stamps are only local issues?” Gustamps reply to Bruce was “yes, the earliest Nepal stamps were only valid within Nepal, but were used to carry mail to neighbouring Tibet and India.” Gustamps said, “it was not until 1959 that Nepal stamps were officially recognised by the U.P.U. (Universal Postal Union).” Gustamps added that, “the early 1881 stamps of Nepal are very collectible and those still on covers (envelopes) are quite scarce.”

Gustamps thanks Mr. Bruce Atkins for his question to Gustamps and allowing Gustamps to publish it.


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