Gran’s locket was worth over £500

Jill Mackie looked into Gustamps shop for a second opinion. Jill had inherited a locket from her grandmother and before coming to Gustamps Jill had taken the locket to a jewellery shop which was in the Brighton lanes nearby to Gustamps. The lady in the jewellery shop told Jill that the locket was made of silver and the value might be around £20. Jill’s locket contained an old green stamp. The lady in the jewellery shop offered to pay Jill £20 for the locket but she would not be able to pay anything for the stamp, however she said she would like Jill to leave the stamp in the locket as it might help to sell it. The locket had sentimental value for Jill and so she kept the locket. Leaving the lanes Jill noticed Gustamps shop in nearby Prince Albert Street and went into Gustamps to get a second opinion about her locket and the stamp. Gustamps stamp valuer told Jill that the stamp was a Canadian $5 stamp of 1897. Gustamps valuer carefully removed the stamp from Jill’s locket and after close inspection, Jill was told that the stamp was in perfect condition and was probably worth over £500. The locket and stamp had great sentimental value to Jill and so she decided not to sell it. Jill was really grateful to Gustamps for their help in identifying her Grandmother’s stamp, and realised how lucky she was not to sell the locket and stamp for only £20 to the lady in the jewellery shop. Gustamps would like to thank Miss Jill Mackie for letting Gustamps publish her valuation experience at Gustamps.


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