Gustamps’ message for visitors to Gustamps’ shop

If you have visited Gustamps shop recently, Gustamps would love to hear your views about Gustamps and your comments about Gustamps. Please leave your valued review of Gusamps here… thank you.


14 thoughts on “Gustamps’ message for visitors to Gustamps’ shop

  1. Anonymous

    This quaint little shop is a hidden gem. Whether your a stamp collector, some one who likes adding a personal touch with unique stamps or just in need of one to send a quick postcard this gentlemen has just what you need 🙂
    He’s polite, friendly and happy to help in any way he can.
    His prices are also considerably cheaper, the icing on the cake so to speak 🙂

  2. Susan

    I visit Guststamps regularly & the gentleman who I think owns the shop is kind and friendly, always happy to help me (& even offering to help wrap my parcel) he did this yesterday, I would always go to Guststamps before I went to any post office, much more personable. & right in the Lanes in Brighton 👌🏼


  3. Susan

    Absolutely lovely gentleman in this shop always cheery and happy to help, I will always take my business there first before any post office! Fab location too right in the lanes in Brighton.

  4. Anonymous

    Gustamps..I am not a collector but I love to buy stamps that have images on them..not those awful labels or sticker stamps..and I have found a treasure trove of them in Gus’s shop!!! Thank you Gus Emma

  5. Nathan Brown

    I visited Gus in the South Lanes in Brighton.Gus has an amazing knowledge of stamps, and provided excellent advice about the stamps that I had. And being a newcomer to the stamp world, Gus was more than happy to provide the time, effort and advivce to help out. Will definitely visit Gus again when next back in Brighton. Nathan – a happy Australian visitor.

  6. Jack

    Fantastic shop! Great selection of first class stamps sold cheaper than those from the post office! In addition, a huge wealth of information on stamp history and collection. Excellent service; would highly recommend!

  7. Anonymous

    Went to Gustamps yesterday and purchased 100 first and second class stamps at excellent discount- very helpful gentleman and would thoroughly recommend this quirky little shop. Incredible stock and wonderful to see that such independent shops still exist.

  8. Bill

    We were in Brighton for a short visit and found the shop by accident. It was a great learning experience , a great break from the High Street and I could have stayed all afternoon. The owner is charming and willing to share his vast knowlege of his trade. If I am ever back in Brighton I will noy visit the pier, but I will this great place.

  9. Anonymous

    We are not stamp experts but my husband was left a large collection by his father. We received excellent advice on bringing it to Gus to value, and were fascinated by his knowledge about stamps-a generous and interesting man who made our day!

  10. sweiss1860

    I was most impressed by my recent visit to Gustamps. Being a stamp ‘novice’ it could have been intimidating, but the proprietor was very knowledgeable and helpful, without being at all pushy. He had a huge stock, all categorised in boxes, and I thought it a great place to look for presents of stamps relating to people’s interests. He struck me as being honest and trustworthy, and we will bring in a couple of inherited stamp albums for him to consider. It was also great value buying stamps to use today at a discount, especially with Christmas cards to send.

  11. Alun Jones

    Very knowledgeable on all aspects of stamps and stamp collecting, especially on items that are likely to increase in value over the years. Excellent selection of first day covers and stamps as well

  12. John

    Very unexpected stop in Brighton but the best of the day. Great little store and Gus is full of very interesting history and facts concerning the items he sells. Extremely unusual one of a kind gifts and collectibles here. A wonderful last (and best) stop in Brighton for us.

  13. Daniel Moore

    what a fantastic little shop and very friendly guy who runs it, spent a long time chatting to gus, learnt about history of stamps and alot of history in general, a very well informed man, got some amazing bits and very good prices, will definitely be going back and is definitely worth a trip

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