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Missing country name… Gustamps explain

GB philatelist George Foote quizzed Gustamps about British stamps. George asked Gustamps, “why when all the countries in the world have their country name printed on their stamps is it that the UK doesn’t?” Gustamps answered George’s question by explaining that as Great Britain was the first country in the world to issue adhesive postage stamps, it was not necessary to have the country name printed on British stamps. Gustamps added that UK stamps often have emblems for different regions i.e. a lion for Scotland and a dragon for Wales. Gustamps added that British stamps are easily identified as they bear the monarch’s head.

Gustamps would like to thank Mr. Foote for his interesting question to Gustamps and for allowing Gustamps to publish it together with Gustamps’ reply.


More Chinese stamp info from Gustamps

Pleased with Gustamps explanation and answers to his questions, Haj got in touch with Gustamps again. This time Haj was interested in info about Indo-China post offices in China. Gustamps told Haj that Indo-China opened a Post office in Mongtze in 1900. A post office was opened in 1901 in Hoihow. Gustamps added that a P.O. was opened in 1902 in Chungking. Gustamps told Haj that other Indo China post offices were opened in 1903 in Yunnanfu and Pakhoi. Gustamps explained to Haj that Indo-China post offices were in use in China until 1922.

Thanks again from Gustamps to Haj for his questions about China P.O.s and for letting Gustamps share the information with other readers.