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Gustamps reason for Mum’s stamp covers

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You can also read on to hear about a recent stamp collectors question to Gustamps.

Gustamps was posed an unusual question by Ella Newman. Ella told Gustamps she had discovered a box of old envelopes which had belonged to her mother. Gustamps heard the envelopes had been posted by Ella’s Mum during 1962. All the envelopes had different addresses and had been sent back to her. Ella told Gustamps they were all posted in America. Ella asked Gustamps if there could be any logical explanation for the batch of stamped envelopes none of which had any letters inside which could help to explain the mystery.

Gustamps asked Ella if she knew if her mother had been  fan of Elvis Presley. The answer Gustamps received back from Ella was yes. The only reason Gustamps could think of was that Ella’s mother who was a fan of Elvis had posted letters to the wrong address and had the U.S.A. Post Office send them back to her. Gustamps explained that the U.S.A. Post Office would stamp the envelopes with a ‘Return to sender – address unknown’ official Post Office cachet. Gustamps said these types of envelopes were collectable by stamp collectors and Elvis fans after Elvis Presley recorded the hit song ‘Return To Sender – Address Unknown’ during the Spring of 1962.

Thanks from Gustamps to Mrs Ella Newman for the interesting question  to Gustamps and letting Gustamps publish it together with Gustamps reply.


What should I do with my duplicated postage stamps?

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You can also read on to hear about a recent stamp collectors question to Gustamps.
Gustamps are often asked questions about duplicates. Often new collectors get in touch with Gustamps for advice about what to do with their duplicate stamps. Gustamps explain that instead of being a problem, duplicates can become a source of enjoyment. Gustamps recommend joining a local stamp club. It is there Gustamps say you will find fellow collectors who also have duplicate stamps which they are pleased to swap or exchange for your duplicates. Gustamps say this is a great way of enlarging your stamp collection at zero cost as well as meeting new friends who share your hobby.

Don’t forget you can call into Gustamps shop in Brighton and have your stamps valued expertly and professionally – completely free of charge.

Gustamps gave away 50,000,000,000 marks

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Researcher Molly Hackett telephoned Gustamps for an appointment to have her stamp collection valued. Gustamps valuer told Mrs. Hackett the collection had a market value of about £90-£100 and offered to buy the collection for £100. Mrs. Hackett said she would think about selling her collection to Gustamps and thanked Gustamps for Gustamps free stamp valuation. One week later Mrs. Hackett returned and sold the collection to Gustamps for £100. Whilst at Gustamps Molly said she was researching German history during the inflation period of the early 1920’s. She asked if Gustamps knew what was the most inflationary stamp ever sold by the German Post Office. Gustamps answer to Molly was it was probably a stamp issued in 1923 for 50,000,000,000 marks.

Molly was told by Gustamps the market price of this stamp was only a few pence. Gustamps presented Molly with a block of four stamps free of charge.

Gustamps thank Mrs. Molly Hackett for selling her stamp collection to Gustamps and also for her interesting philatelic question and for allowing Gustamps to publish it together with Gustamps reply.

How much are the Queen’s stamps worth?

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You can also read on to hear about a recent stamp collector’s question to Gustamps.

Gustamps are often asked some interesting questions by philatelists. One question posed to Gustamps was about Queen Elizabeth II’s stamp collection. Gustamps was asked how much is the Queen’s stamp collection worth?

Gustamps reply was until it is actually sold it is impossible to give a precise value. Gustamps said it could be called ‘priceless’ – but if Gustamps was pressed to put a figure on it Gustamps would say in the region of fifty million pounds – give or take the odd million pounds or so. Gustamps add that many of the rarest stamps in the Queen’s collection were collected by the Queen’s grandfather King George V. Gustamps say he was indeed a great philatelist.

A question to Gustamps about Arequipa


A customer at Gustamps shop asked Gustamps for identification about several strange stamps including a stamp marked Arequipa. Gustamps explained that the Arequipa stamp was from Peru. Gustamps were also asked about stamps inscribed ‘A  PAYER TE BETALEN’. Gustamps reply was these stamps would be from Belgium. Gustamps added that this inscription indicated they were postage due stamps.

Gustamps customer bought a Gustamps packet of stamps containing stamps  from 100 different countries. The customer told Gustamps he would be back for more help from Gustamps if he found any of the stamps were hard to identify.

Gustamps would like to thank Mr.Tony Corney for allowing Gustamps to share his questions and Gustamps explanations with other readers.

Do Gustamps charge for identifying stamps?

Gustamps were asked if there was any charge for stamp identification. The reply from Gustamps was positively not. 🙂 Gustamps are pleased to help stamp collectors identify any unusual stamps in their collections. Gustamps will never charge anything for this important service which is provided completely free of charge from Gustamps. Gustamps would like to point out that in addition to Gustamps free stamp identification service, Gustamps also offer an expert and professional stamp valuation service which is free of charge on request from Gustamps. To avail yourself of this service contact Gustamps by telephone on 01273 326994. Getting free helpful advice on all aspects of stamp collecting from Gustamps is easy and Gustamps friendly staff are always pleased to be contacted by stamp collectors for their help.

Why is my Edwardian stamp overprinted ‘I.R.OFFICIAL’ ?

A regular caller to Gustamps stamp shop near the lanes in Brighton had purchased a mixed packet of British stamps from Gustamps on a previous visit. Gustamps customer showed Gustamps a British Edwardian stamp overprinted I.R.OFFICIAL – he told Gustamps it was in the last packet of mixed British stamps which Gustamps had sold to him on his prior visit to Gustamps; he asked Gustamps, ‘why is my Edwardina stamp overprinted I.R.OFFICIAL and what does it mean?’

Gustamps manager explained to the puzzled customer that the overprint indicated that the stamp was for government use. Gustamps added the letters I.R. stand for Inland Revenue.